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Our Services


Consultation Call

Contact me and describe: your property, desired price & timeline, ideal communication regularity & style, and finally your preferred level of involvement. 


Viewing Meeting

We meet in person, either at the office, a place of your choosing or directly at your property. You give a walkthrough of your property to provide an initial idea of its state (e.g. if renovation is needed), ideal photography angles, surrounding area (schools, green spaces, etc).  


Free Market Evaluation

We conduct a market analysis that takes into account: location, size, luminosity, state of property, orientation, neighbourhood. Based on this data, we produce a pricing proposition. 


Listing Agreement & Inspections

We sign a listing agreement which specifies the duration of the agreement, properties concerned, price of the property, and sales commission for the agent. This is followed up by an Inspection of the property as well as  involvement of appraisers if needed.


Marketing & Showings

Staging is organised if needed. Photo shoot of the house is conducted - if advanced shots, a professional photographer can be hired. Multi-channel marketing is kicked off for the property to ensure desired exposure level (off-market approach is a possibility, too). Scheduling of showings is arranged with candidates who we pre-qualify. 


Sale & Closing

The agent received & negotiates offers. Upon your acceptance of an offer, a competent notary is selected. Required documents are submitted. The seller pays the agent fees, and the buyer pays notary fees and the property registration fees. The deal is officially wrapped up.

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