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A historic haven of prosperity & diversity

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg ranks among the top countries in the world in terms of quality of life and per capita income. Classified as a Unesco World Heritage site, the capital captures the eyes and captivate the hearts. 

The most sought-after areas such as Belair, Limpertsberg, Pétrusse or Merl are within walking distance to the city center with fancy restaurants, shops and art galleries. One can find here a variety of architectural styles from Belle Époque Villas and contemporary townhouses to historic loft conversions.


Competent & benign government

As a constitutional monarchy with a particularly open economy and strong financial sector, Luxembourg combines social and political stability with a relatively low rate of unemployment and multicultural workforce. Government initiatives actively support research projects, startups and investment incentive policies.

At the crossroads of Europe

One of Luxembourg’s unique advantages is its geographical location. It sits in the heart of Western Europe, between France, Belgium and Germany, in close proximity to a number of large cities. Indeed, London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Zürich and Berlin are all just 1 hour away by plane. Luxembourg’s mid-size airport is located 15 minutes from Luxembourg City, making it possible to quickly reach over 60 destinations in Europe and North Africa.


Advantageous Tax Systems

Luxembourg’s tax system is particularly advantageous; income tax rates are among the lowest in Europe. The income tax system is based on 19 progressive brackets, with a maximum marginal tax rate of 40%. Since the 1st of January 2015, the minimum rate of VAT has been 17%, the lowest in the EU ahead of Malta, Cyprus and Germany.

Cosmopolitan & culturally rich

Almost 48% of the resident population of the Grand Duchy is of foreign origin, with more than 170 different nationalities listed. Luxembourg’s rich history, location at the heart of Europe, and wealth of financial assets provide the foundation for its vibrant tourism, culture, and leisure offerings.

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