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Petra Steinmetz

Managing Director


+352 691 999 668


Commercial Properties


German, English, French, Spanish, Luxembourgish

About Me

With over a decade of experience in the Luxembourgish real estate market, I know how to navigate its hidden challenges and advantages. I have experience in the entire real estate price range from selling multi-million euro properties in Luxembourg to high-net-worth individuals to small apartments rentals, and can flexibly adjust to your requirements. I received an award for being the best agent at my previous real estate agency, which I left to start my own firm. 

My clients' needs are my utmost priority. Accordingly I am at your disposal day and night to discuss urgent matters and provide my professional advice. I value creating a trusting relationship with my clients and I speak 4 languages and am hence able to easily communicate with the wide variety of nationalities represented in Luxembourg. My strength not only lies within sales, but also in customer service, tactical negotiation and intercultural communication; finding the most suitable solution for both buyers and vendors is my priority. 

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